The law is a sweetheart, not a jealous mistress

There is an old adage in the legal profession which says that: the law is a jealous mistress.

The saying is a reflection of the life of younger lawyers and law students who dedicate much of their time and attention to the study of law. If you can imagine what a jealous mistress looks like, you’ll notice an uncanny resemblance.

By the way, if you noticed, I mentioned younger lawyers and law students.

That is because, at a certain point in one’s legal career, a lawyer should have acquired a level of mastery in his field reducing the time it takes to study his field of practice. If the lawyer is intelligent enough, system around his work should have been designed and developed to ensure that s/he won’t have to spend more time than is necessary.

A decade ago, these were non-existent: Internet, mobile devices, and laptops. Why do I make specific reference to these items? It is because they have accelerated legal research, which is the bulk of the work of a lawyer.

Back then, lawyers had to go to law libraries to do research, open a law book, write notes on a yellow pad, and so on. These obviously took time that they eventually end up not having any social life.

Now, a modern lawyer who needs to research has to simply type: Control + F.

Of course, despite the technological upgrade, the lawyer still has to have the intelligence and skill to know what he is looking for when s/he searches digital content. And yes, reading still takes time, effort, and attention.

In the scheme of things, however, doing legal work and research has drastically improved through the years so long the lawyer knows how to take advantage of technology and systems. If s/he does, s/he will find that the time and attention that s/he is devoting now is being given with a cheerful heart to someone special, a sweetheart.

Author’s Note: The article is not intended to perpetrate any form of sexism. It is merely a re-examination on the topic.