New Covid-19 lawyers and the challenges they face

The 2019 bar examination results were just released by the Philippine Supreme Court. We will soon be welcoming the batch of lawyers who will likely be identified as the Covid-19 batch.

The Supreme Court lowered the passing rate noting the need for new lawyers who will be technologically adept in response to the new normal of doing work. It is expected of the new lawyers to be able to rise to the challenge and find ways to do legal work with the use and reliance of platforms, videoconferencing, among others.

It is going to be a different experience.

Pre-pandemic, lawyers in private practice are expected to put in long hours of work from preparing legal documents, attending various meetings, to appearing in court. In between, senior lawyers impart their insights and experience to junior lawyers who aim to sharpen and advance their legal knowledge and skills.

With the pandemic and the vaccine still far off the horizon, this traditional way of improving one’s experience in legal practice will likely be unavailable.

Thus, new lawyers will find be facing several challenges in private pratice.

Some of these come into mind.

1. Dealing with senior lawyers who are weak on communication.

Yes, not all lawyers know how to communicate. Most just know how to bark.

Thus, working with a senior lawyer who lacks communication skills can be problematic. Outputs are primarily dependent on clear instructions and guidelines being given. If the senior lawyer has the results clear in his mind but is lacking in how to say it or write an email on it, it can easily be a recipe for disaster – especially for the new lawyer whose confidence might break.

To add, with phone call and videoconferencing, the new lawyer does not have non-verbal cues to rely on in order to properly assess the disposition or leaning of a senior lawyer. It can save a lot of time if the new lawyer is aligned withe the senior lawyer from the get-go. Otherwise, time and efforts will be wasted on revisions and even overhauls.


With phonecall and videoconferencing being the new normal, there are no non-verl

For new lawyers, this can pose quite a big problem if you have limited interaction with a senior lawyer who has weak communication skills.

First, senior lawyers play a crucial role since any legal work that they are ⁴


During the pandemic and pre-vaccine, law firms will likely not be on full operation for many a reason from lack of legal work to

particularly in law firms who promote the culture of exhaustion