How productivity and waste are related

What makes for something to be productive: Is it the doing of many tasks or a few tasks?

One of Peter Drucker’s quips answers the question clearly: “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”

Productivity is the goal of many. Unfortunately, the same people do not understand what it is really.

Many see it as the doing of several tasks to fill the day in order to feel good later in the evening that many were accomplished. By tomorrow, the grind repeats. The irony is that they keep complaining of the lack of time to do everything and how busy they usually are that they neglect many other aspects of their life, such as their health and wellness.

If one remembers well those words of Peter Drucker, one should always take a pause and ask that crucial question before proceeding to doing anything: Should you be doing it in the first place?

The answer can make the difference on whether what you will be doing will prove to have some value or be just another waste.