On the Whang Od and Nas Daily controversy

Why would an Ivy-league educated businessman in a foreign country get a signature for a contract from a 100-year old indigenous tribal person without getting a local lawyer to assist?

That very much sums up my thoughts on the matter.

There are so many inter-connected issues and socio-cultural complexities to the matter that it can be easy to get lost in the thick of it. There are these elements of a foreigner presenting several pages of a contract to a 100-year old who happens to belong to an indigenous people. Didn’t this set-up ring any alarms or red flags?

To add, the subject matter covers the traditional art of tattooing of an indigenous tribe who might just own such tradition as part of their indigenous intellectual property, which to clearly point out is expressly recognized under Philippine laws.

Had there been a competent local lawyer present, these would have all been pointed out and perhaps have been resolved correctly. Afterall, it does appear that there was some sort of understanding between the parties. Unfortunately, precautions and proper steps were not undertaken to avoid the present the controversy.

And in the words of one person, that’s fame you really do not want – in one minute.