Earning my Data Protection Officer (DPO) certification

Last May 2021, I had the good fortune to undertake a week-long Data Protection Officer (DPO) certification program and thereafter successfully pass the examination to be properly certified as a DPO by TUVRheinland.

Our mentor was no other than “Mr. Privacy”, Dr. Rolando R. Lansingan, CEH, CHFI, CySA (plus), NPC-DPO. He was the former Chief of the Compliance and Monitoring Division of the Philippine’s Privacy Regulator, the National Privacy Commission (NPC). He is currently a Data Privacy Consultant for Multinational and various organizations. (See: LinkedIn)

The certification program was educational and eye-opening. In this Digital Era, more so in this pandemic climate where majority of the businesses have gone online, privacy is more than ever important to protect and keep safe. Being the victim of identity theft and other fraud resulting from wrongful use of your personal data is a big nightmare. It may result in financial ruin or worse legal action against you.

That being the case, businesses and organizations are duly tasked by the law to ensure that they observe protection measures in their activities and operations to protect the general public, particularly if they are collection personal information, and more so, if they are sensitive personal information.

The program provided for added value from the our mentor who was quite skilled and experienced on the subject matter to my classmates where some of them were already experienced DPOs in their respective companies or organizations. There were a lot of sharing of experiences and best practices to help everyone with their data privacy compliance.

It was a good learning experience and highly recommended.