Jobert Navallo interviewing Raul C. Pangalangan

I can’t help but smile and laugh a little at the interview by journalist and lawyer Jobert Navallo and retired ICC Judge and former UP Law Dean Raul C. Pangalangan. Somehow, I think Dean RCP also found it amusing that his former law student is now interviewing him on a major news outlet and before a national audience.

No disrespect intended in using their names on the title of this post. On the contrary, I have much respect and admiration for the two. They represent the best of us and what many lawyers should aspire to be.

Jobert was two years ahead of me in law school. I was in my first year in U.P. Law when I got to know him more. I say more because I was already somewhat familiar with him in my undergraduate since we belong to the same campus in Diliman. Back then and up to that point, he was a student leader who was equal parts analytical and conscientious of the current issues of the times. My direct interaction with him was when I was in my 2nd year and he was in his 4th year when I found something that belonged to him (if memory serves, it was his U.P. ID) and gave it to him. Moving forward, he called my by my nickname.

Dean RCP was my law professor for Constitutional Law 2. He was exceptionally brilliant as a teacher in driving home crucial points and bringing out the answers in students through the Socratic method. My memory of him also was how physically fit he was; his bearinh and his arm showed that he was probably lifting weights (I know, it’s a strange memory). Being on my first year, and still struggling discerning the trees from the forest, I can’t really say I did well during my recitations. Still, I made up for it on my mid-term exam and final exam. Based on my transcript of records from the University, I got a 1.75 from his class. I guess I didn’t do too poorly. 🙂


Credits: Image is a screenshot of the Interview