Why the story of Spider-Man: No Way Home works

The hero’s journey ending with the whole world experiencing a collective amnesia of who he is and what he has sacrificed — is by no means a new story plot.

While it traces back to the age of mythologies, its rarity is why it often feels moving when it becomes the resolution to a story. After all, the popular journey finds the hero victorious or having sacrificed his life for a worthy or noble cause.

What makes such narrative compelling?

Perhaps, it is linked to the human desire to be remembered long after one is gone. The so-called immortality projects make people yearn to accomplish somethig in this life so they can be remembered. It is an emotion shared by many.

That is why, it moves those who emphatize with a hero who has to walk a solitary path of becoming an unknown — to his closest friends and love interest. This, notwithstanding the depths of his sadness and pain that it might cause the hero, but it is for the best for those closest to him and perhaps the world in general.

The MCU Peter Parker makes for an ultimate hero — to give up on being remembered in exchange for doing what is right.