The Author

Entrepreneurship improves lives.

My mission and advocacy is to help more entrepreneurs and business owners continue with their value creation. Their products and services improve and make our lives better. I see this as my way of helping in nation building.

I am a lawyer, author, and mentor.

Being a lawyer, I am general counsel and a legal director to retainer companies. Clients engage me for labor law, commercial contracts, data privacy, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and arbitration/litigation. I also cater to special projects tailored fit to the objectives of businesses.

As an an author, I have written and will continue to write books on commercial law topics. The following are the currently published titles: Legal Aspects of Business, Labor Law Playbook, Basic Contracts for Non-Lawyers, Disciplinary Action: How to Avoid Illegal Dismissal, DOLE Regulations.

In my role as a mentor, I educate and train executives and managers on the legal aspects of business, from corporate housekeeping, negotiations and contracts, to regulatory compliance with various government agencies.

For more info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jerichodelpuerto

Why this website?

I want to write on my experiences in private practice.

I have always been drawn to the stories of my predecessors. Some have become legends in their own right having fought the good fight, while some are still on their life journey. I draw a lot of inspiration and guidance from their experiences as I traverse my own path.

Recently, I have come to the realization that I have my own stories to tell. It just so happens that I like telling anecdotes of my own life experiences. In many occasions, it has been quite memorable having met prominent and influential lawyers who shared me their nuggets of wisdom about the life of a lawyer. It is not an easy life, but it gets better.

So, kindly allow me to tell my stories here.

Who is this for?

It really is for me.

I know it will sound selfish to a society that frowns upon prioritizing the self over others. While there is some value in that, there are occasions when one has to do something on a personal level. I find that writing is one of aspect of my life that I find fulfillment.

Having said these, this website may also be beneficial to law students, lawyers, and law enthusiasts (or those who are enamored at the legal profession for some reason only known to them). I hope the contents herein provide some form of learning, if not, a mild form of entertainment through leisure reading.

I suppose, this is also for my clients who want to know me on a personal level through my writing and the stories that I will be telling as drawn from real-life experiences.

What is the goal of this website?

The goal is to have fun through writing interesting and meaningful articles.

The philosopher side of me regularly reminds me how important it is to have fun. I may not have my answer yet to the profound question of What is the Meaning of Life? I do intend to amuse myself in my search for meaning.

And… just like that we went deep.

Interestingly, the tenor of the writing here is mild and light. I simply want to chronicle incidents that are noteworthy and which may be beneficial to record for posterity. It may just be entertaining to recall these moments in the future by me or others.

So, here you are. Welcome and hope you find your meaning!

– Jericho (Jake) Del Puerto