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My law school journey (2/10)

I started my college with reservations on the degree that I was on. When I received the notice that I passed my UPCAT, it was with mixed emotions. Not that I was crying nor ecstatic with joy. Rather, it was more of a “huh…?” I may have passed the admission test to enter the University …

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My law school journey (1/10)

I had no inkling of becoming a lawyer when I was a kid. As far as I could remember, I have always been fascinated with computers. You see, I grew up during the birth and rise of the Internet from 1999 to the early 2000s. I was in my second year in high school when …

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Hi, I’m Atty. Jericho (Jake) Del Puerto. I’m a law mentor and a business lawyer. I create law-related content online via,, and

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