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Principle: Controlled Response

1. We can control our response to things we cannot control. 2. A person has the power to interpret. Related Quotes Rule your mind or it will rule you. – Horace He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still. -Tao Te Ching .. principle – n. a …

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Principle: Tell a story

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech is — a masterclass. ◇ Want to get people’s attention? Tell a story.◇ Want to be relatable? Tell a story.◇ Want to influence people? Tell a story. ♧ The human being is wired to listen to stories.♤ The human mind is designed to remember stories.♡ The human heart is moved to action …

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Principle: Keep going

principle of keep going – phr. refers to the act of moving, no matter how big or small, nor how wide or narrow Things to Note 1. Whether things go your way or it does not, you got to keep going. 2. When it is going your way, you direct your movement towards the destination. …

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Principle: Constraint is good.

Things tend to get done when there is a deadline. It is better to set constraints or limitations to force yourself to be resourceful and creative with what you have and how much time you are given. The mind adapts well, particularly one which has been cultivated to seek out solutions than to wait for …

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Principle: Timing

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” – Viktor Hugo Timing is a b*tch — in love, business, and life. That is, of course, if the outcome is negative. When it is positive, timing is a force of nature — and unstoppable force. Some of the things can be timed. Whether …

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Maria Ressa’s Speech at the Nobel Peace Prize awarding ceremony

“An invisible atom bomb has exploded in our information ecosystem, and the world must act as it did after Hiroshima. Like that time, we need to create new institutions, like the United Nations, and new codes stating our values, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to prevent humanity from doing its worse. It’s an …

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PH Olympic medalists should financially protect themselves

With the recently concluded 2020/21 Olympics, several articles and online content popped up about previous Filipino Olympic medalists. The somber theme to it all was that they encountered financial difficulties after presumably having earned financial rewards for bringing glory to the Philippines, if today is an indicator. The story is not so different from professional …

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